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Mastering is the final stage in music production before it goes out to the public, but not only to make your music louder. The purpose of mastering is to make sure your music translates on all playback systems, to give the best possible listening experience and chance to compete in today's competitive market.

Mastering often includes tonal balance, dynamic control, adding clarity, excitement and sometimes a little bit of reverb.


If an artist/mixing engineer has spent a long time working on a song, it is recommended that the mastering is done by an engineer who has never heard the song before and hasn't exhausted their ears listening to it.

If your songs are for an album and each one has been recorded/mixed at a different place and time, the mastering engineer will make sure that it is consistent throughout.


A long story cut short….


Back in the early 2000s, I (Tim) started making beats for Hip Hop/Rap music, but I was never able to make them sound as loud and professional as my favorite commercial releases. A few years later I discovered that there is another stage to go through “The Mastering Stage”. I continued to make beats and made many attempts to master them until the time came to take things to the next level.


I have done two music production courses, one of which taught me about different production techniques and it included Mastering, which I found to be the most interesting part.

Having picked up on a lot of new habits and made many attempts at mixing and mastering my own music, I felt I was getting closer to having the perfect master. 

A few years later, I felt the need to master other artist’s music than my own and decided to take another course that covered only Mastering, which went a lot deeper into the subject. 


Continuing to practice on what I had learned and to better my understanding, the time had finally come to start offering my services.


hfMASTERING was born.


Send your song today for a free trial sample with no further obligation!

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