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Mastering is the final stage in music production before it goes out to the public, but not only to make the song louder. The purpose of mastering is to ensure your music translates on all playback systems, to give the best possible listening experience and chance to compete in today's competitive market.


Mastering normally involves tonal balance, dynamic control, adding clarity, punch and excitement, sometimes a little bit of reverb.

If you are an artist or mixing engineer and have spent a long time working on a song, you may have exhausted your ears listening to it. It is recommended that the mastering is done by an experienced engineer with a fresh approach.

Songs for an album that have been recorded / mixed at different times and places may not sit well next to each other, but it doesn't mean that they are badly mixed. 

It is the mastering engineer's job to ensure that each song is consistent throughout the album.


Start by sending your song today for a free trial sample and see for yourself what can be achieved.

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