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Send your song today and see for yourself what can be achieved.

No payment is required if you're not entirely satisfied with the result.

Revisions are also included at no extra cost.

See here for tips on how to prepare your pre-master >

Follow the below steps to send your pre-master file

1. Upload your song in either WAV or AIFF format via one of the following platforms:

WeTransfer > SendSpace > Dropbox >

MP3 files are not recommended.


2. Send the download link/URL to or via the contact form.

3. You will receive an email of acknowledgement when the audio file is received with an approximate turnaround time. If changes are needed on your side, you will be advised accordingly.

4. When your song is mastered, you will then receive a short sample of the master.

5. Once you're satisfied with the result and would like to go ahead with the payment for the complete master, you will then receive a payment request from PayPal. 

6. Once the payment is received, you will receive the download link for the complete mastered file(s).

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